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Help! Global module: Access denied

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Hi, So I set up UnrealIRCd and I am identified as an IRCop
I set up Anope Services. Just Chanserv, Nickserv, and Global.

Everything else is working fine, but when I try:

/msg global test

I get: Access Denied
And When I do /msg global help
all i get is a list of 1 command: Help

so i figure this module is very straightforward, but why am I getting Access Denied?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

you need to configure services rights for yourself.


if you are the network owner, i would recommend to give yourself services root.
see the pre-made oper block there, which you have to just fill out. :)


Okay I see, thank you.
My next question is how do I properly and safely make these changes go live?

I am wary of breaking my Services! :)

the oper block wont break your services. :)
you have to just fill out the one which is there (the one with services root rights), then reload the conf via cmd line (anoperc) or just restart services (with anoperc)
(later on you can user operserv to do such things)

Okay, but this is where I am unclear. How do I reload the conf or restart services with anoperc? I am unfamiliar with this tool.


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