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Title: sasl enhancements
Post by: Bram Matthys on October 07, 2017, 07:08:29 PM
The bugtracker does not allow me to post an issue. It hangs for a few minutes then comes with an session timeout.

I wanted to post two issues:
1) We added support for SASL v3.2 in UnrealIRCd which requires services to send the saslmechlist. I took a look at how you do it with other IRCd's and made a patch, see

2) I noticed the SASL module is not loaded by default.
May I suggest changing data/modules.example.conf, from:
#module { name = "m_sasl" }
module { name = "m_sasl" }
So more users will benefit from SASL by default?
Together with the saslmechlist (see other report) I'm seriously considering at UnrealIRCd, if no set::sasl-server is set, to automatically set the sasl-server to services-server if the saslmechlist is received from said services-server, since it's a reliable way to tell that SASL is available.

Current SASL support is quite dramatic, see
I want to bump it from the current 9% (and only 3% for UnrealIRCd) to a lot more, but I need your help for this as well.
Title: Re: sasl enhancements
Post by: Adam on October 07, 2017, 07:18:11 PM
Both suggestions sound good to me. The preferred way of accepting contributions is via pull requests on github. Please file a request for each on there.