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Title: Multiple Actions
Post by: MeiR on June 02, 2009, 07:39:51 PM
I think it'd be nice if actions could be made on several users [or maybe channels] at once.
It can be a fantastic alternative to lots of client side scripts or commands repeating when desired.
Also, it can avoid multiple rawmodes sent to channel with ChanServ.

Example: /cs op #chan nick1,nick2,nick3
I think it has to be a comma separated list, since the nick isn't the last argument in many commads [otherwise space is more comfortable].

I'm listing the actions I found relevenat [there're probably more I forgot]. You may decide that many of them aren't useful, but you can't know when someone will need it ;)

I wasn't sure about "set"... The on\off settings can be included easily (e.g. /cs set SECUREOPS,PEACE,TOPICLOCK on).

The idea shouldn't be hard to implement, but will require decent working among all above-mentioned methods.