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Hi all,

i used Anope 2.0.9, the link is correct, services are linked but steel not reuning.
They all joined the chanel #service but when you try a command ... it don't work so you can't register a nickname or a chanel, not using operserv too ... anybody seen this issue before ?

Could you help me please ?

can you let us know how did you check that anope is running?
did you oper up on ircd side? did you see the server notices about the link?
can you do a /whois nickserv ? if so, can you /msg nickserv help register ?

you could also check and ircd's and anope'slog for more details.

Hi Lord235,

Thanks a lot for your answer.

i'm oper and can see services linked. All services joined #services channel.

When i /whois NickServ :

* [NickServ] ( Nickname Registration Service
* [NickServ] is using modes +o
* [NickServ] is connecting from *
* [NickServ] @#services
* [NickServ] :Services du réseau
* [NickServ] is an IRC Operator
* [NickServ] Fin de la liste WHOIS

But when i do a /msg NickServ help register for exemple here is the message from nickserv

>NickServ< help register
-NickServ- Unknown command help register. "/msg NickServ HELP" for help.

Thanks for your help

and what does "/msg NickServ HELP" say?
also: are you using a kinda default config, or you modified it like not all ppl can access to services?

ah never mind.. you modified it, it's clear..

using modes: +o
missing network service swhois.

standard should look like this:

--- Code: ---NickServ is services@services.*.*.eu * nickname registration service
NickServ is using modes +ioqS
NickServ is connecting from *@services.*.*.eu
NickServ on ?@#*
NickServ using *.irc.*.eu services for irc.*.*.eu
NickServ is an IRC Operator
NickServ is a Network Service
nickserv End of /WHOIS list.
--- End code ---

you missing user modes and so i don't know what else you could have changed.


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