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Unable to oper up (Access denied)



recently set up my IRC with unralircd and the new Anope branch.

So far everthing works fine according chanserv and nickserv.

However i'm unable to oper up my user as I wanted to add a Bot

Always says Access denied no matter what command I give to os

As far as I understand everything is alright so maybe its only a short thing, but I'm unable to find it.

Would be glad if anyone could have a look.


--- Quote ---oper XYZ {
   class opers;
   mask *;
   password "mypass";
   /* Oper permissions are defined in an 'operclass' block.
    * See
    * UnrealIRCd ships with a number of default blocks, see
    * the article for a full list. We choose 'netadmin' here.
   operclass XYZ;
   swhois "is a Administrator";
 and at the end:
/* Admin Server Block */
operclass XYZ {
   permissions {
      channel { operonly; see; override { flood; } }
      self { getbaddcc; opermodes; set; }
      server { opermotd; info; close; module; dns; rehash;
               remote; description; addmotd;
               addomotd; tsctl { view; } }

operclass XYZ-override {
   parent admin;
   permissions {
      channel { operonly; see; override; }
      self { getbaddcc; opermodes; set; unkickablemode; }
--- End quote ---

rest is pretty standard.

anope, services.conf:

--- Quote ---oper
   /* The nickname of this services oper */
   name = "XYZ"

   /* The opertype this person will have */
   type = "Services Administrator"

   /* If set, the user must be an oper on the IRCd to gain their Services
    * oper privileges.
   require_oper = yes

   /* An optional password. If defined, the user must login using "/OPERSERV LOGIN" first */
   #password = "mypass"

   /* An optional SSL fingerprint. If defined, it's required to be able to use this opertype. */
   #certfp = "ed3383b3f7d74e89433ddaa4a6e5b2d7"

   /* An optional list of user@host masks. If defined the user must be connected from one of them */
   #host = "*@* ident@*"

   /* An optional vHost to set on users who identify for this oper block.
    * This will override HostServ vHosts, and may not be available on all IRCds
   #vhost = "oper.mynet"
--- End quote ---

Yes, XYZ is a registered nick.

Could provide full .conf files if needed.

Any help would be appreciated ;)
Thnk you.

show output of /ns info yournick and /os oper list

info mynick shows:

--- Quote ----NickServ- XYZ is ...
-NickServ- XYZ is a Services Operator of type Services Administrator.
-NickServ-           Account: XYZ
-NickServ-       Online from: myip
-NickServ-       Online from: myip
-NickServ-        Registered: Jun 13 18:47:51 2023 Mitteleuropäische Sommerzeit (33 days, 22 hours, 12 minutes ago)
-NickServ- Last quit message: Connection closed
-NickServ-     Email address: mymail
-NickServ-           Options: Private, Protection, Security, Auto-op
--- End quote ---

oper list shows:

acces denied


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