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Tommy Hermans:

i have a problem defining my anope services admin.

I have added in services.conf the following line:

--- Code: ---ServicesRoot   "Tommy[admin]"
--- End code ---

Also changed:

--- Code: ---#OSOpersOnly
--- End code ---
With the # in front of it.

The nickname is also registered, but i still have no powers to user operserv, botserv, etc. commands
Everytime i try i get Permission Denied error.

Can anybody tell me what i do wrong.
I restarted the process offcourse after changing the conf file.

Everything works perfectly, chanserv and nickserv are running without problems, only the services admin commands can not be used.
How can i set my admin nickname Tommy[admin] as a services admin.

Thank you for your support and i hope anybody can help me with this.

Kind regards,

Tommy Hermans:
I don't know if it means anything but when i use th /whois command on my admin nick, i see the text:
Tommy[admin] is available for help

I don't see this when i whois other users.

But still i get access denied when i want to use operserv or botserv commands.

Strange problem i think.


This is what i see with /ns info Tommy[admin] all:
[15:28:42] [NOTICE NickServ]: Tommy[admin] is tommy
[15:28:42] [NOTICE NickServ]: Tommy[admin] is a services root administrator.
[15:28:42] [NOTICE NickServ]: Tommy[admin] is currently online.

But when i try to use operserv, this is wat i see:
[15:31:07] -OperServ- Access denied.

trying to access operserv with services root administrator account does not work, maybe you have any idea in this?

Type: /msg operserv staff

If you have a * next to your nick, then you should have access. You must be identified as the root user and using the root users nick as well. I know you disable OSOpersOnly but make sure you have /oper'ed anyway.

Tommy Hermans:
Thank you for the help, as far as we now are we do have root access as services admin.
Also we can use some commands of operserv and botserv.

But i can not give superadmin on status with operserv, or create new bots with botserv.
Do i need to install any module or anything about that?

I don't have all the powers at this time to use all the commands, even while we are on the staff list with a * next to our name.

I have searched for modules or any kind of explanation but didn't find any, maybe you could tell me how to active/use this?

SuperAdmin requires the SuperAdmin directive to be enabled in services.conf and it needs to be activated on IRC too. /msg operserv help set superadmin. The setting of SuperAdmin is not automatic nor persistent. Please read /msg operserv help completely. Most of your answers are found in the documentation either in the docs directory, via /msg *Serv help or online

/msg botserv help add
/msg botserv help assign


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