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[RESOLVED] fantasy commands !help, !cmdlist

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Hi all,

UPDATE: Ok with your advices I now have !op and !voice working commands. But I have no response for all other commands and no help available. Do you know how debug this ?

I am new on anope.  I use UnreIrcd 3.2 as ircd server.

I installed  anope 1.8.8 with eggdrop to get oper status on channel when I need.
No problem, thanks for the very good services server.

One of my user is a old irc user and h usually used "!op" alias to get oper status.
To get oper status with eggdrop I send command "/msg eggdrop OP 'pass' '#channel'"
I see on wiki anope allow it with BotServ configuration.
So I send "/msg BotServ SET #channel FANTASY ON" to enable !commands
But, whe I send "!op" command, no result and I think I must alias !op to my eggdrop command bu I don't know how do this.

Do you know how do it ?

Thanks for your help.

Best regards.

You make a confusion between eggdrop and botserv.
The fantasy mode is for botserv, so you need a chanserv access to the channel (/msg ChanServ AOP|SOP add <you>) and a botserv' bot on your channel (/msg BotServ assign <channel> <name of bot>), and so the fantasy mode will work without eggdrop.

If you want a fantasy-like command in eggdrop, you shall have a look on egghelp and particularly in the tcl scripts.

Hmm ok, I'm confuse.
In fact, I use eggdrop only to allow some of my users to get oper status.
If it is possible with botserv without eggdrop I think it is better.
I read the doc about botserv and I understand that it is a service which allow users to add bot on a channel.
But I don't understand how add a bot, and what bot if it is not eggdrop, which op me when I run "!op" command.
Could you redirect me on procedure to do this please ?
Thanks you very much for your answer.


Read the supplied documentation that comes with every single copy of Anope on how to compile/install modules.

Thanks for you answer.
I download fantasy_ext and extract in modules folder.
I recompiled anope and run it.
Then, I send on irc "/msg botserv set #test fantasy on"
No error, but when I send "!HELP" or "!CMDLIST" no answer and no log.
Have you an idea ?


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