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MagIRC Requirments Fail: magic_quotes_gpc

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Hi All,
       I have unrealircd & Anope running perfect. I found magirc & would love to ran it.
       I have windows 2008 r2, IIS, Mysql 5.5.25, PHP Version 5.3.5
       When i try ran the install, i get the following error:

Welcome to the MagIRC Setup
Please follow the on-screen instructions to install MagIRC

1. Requirements check
Checking PHP version... Supported (5.3.5)
Checking PHP magic_quotes_gpc... Enabled
Please ensure that the magic_quotes_gpc option is turned OFF in your php.ini!
Checking PHP PDO mysql driver... Present
Checking PHP mcrypt extension... Present
Checking PHP gettext extension... Present
Checking SQL configuration files... Writable
Checking if tmp/ is writable...  Writable

I have tired everything to disable magic_quotes_gpc in php.ini but it wont DISABLE.
Tired to research the error, but not much support, I have been stuck on this for awhile.
Please help, here is my php.ini file

;   magic_quotes_gpc
;   Default Value: off
;   Development Value: Off
;   Production Value: Off

; scheduled for removal in PHP 6.
; Default Value: Off
; Development Value: Off
; Production Value: Off
magic_quotes_gpc = Off

; Magic quotes for runtime-generated data, e.g. data from SQL, from exec(),

magic_quotes_runtime = Off

; Use Sybase-style magic quotes (escape ' with '' instead of \').
magic_quotes_sybase = Off

Really disappointing that i cant get any support for this product
I have provided great detail & not one person can help me
I should uninstall it & not worry about it
I am sure this has happened to someone

First off we are all volunteers with life outside of the Internet, magirc does NOT pay the bills! :P

Second, your issue is not with MagIRC, it is with your php installation, we do not generally support other products.

But since I am a nice guy, I'll tell you to double check you are editing the right file.  I'm pretty sure you arent. or you are not reloading your webserver.

Thanks for your response
I respect your time for this project
There is only one php.ini file to edit, I have reloaded my web server.
All good, seems you made an excellent product but this error, wont let me use it

Charles Kingsley:
Provide a link to a php page that has the following content:



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