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Someone recently unearthed a bug in this tool.  I've updated my original post with a fixed version.

Source X:
Is it just me or does anyone else have issues with the NickServ passwords not converting properly? We all keep getting an incorrect password message when attempting to identify.

Charles Kingsley:
Provide some info Source X, which version of anope etc.

Source X:
Sorry for the late reply.

I got this working, it was due to an error on my part.

When converting your IRCServices database with no encryption using is2an, you cannot by default enable an encryption type for Anope IRC Services, which is what I did in this case. You must set the encryption type to 'none' unless you convert your database encryption using another tool that I have also found on this website.

From what I can see, the tool worked very well for my network's conversion. 

Only problem that I had was trying to compile it.  The version of linux (Debian) didn't seem to have the strlcpy function in it's libc implementation.  Using a VM of FreeBSD 7, it compiled wonderfully.

Thanks again for the tool - you saved me hours of writing my own tool to do the conversion.


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