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Allowing more than one access level to a user

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I am newby regarding setting up my channel so please assist

I have given my ops and halfops access levels as per example

/cs access #mychannel add Male 5
/cs access #mychannel add Female 4

need to give Female also voice
/cs access #mychannel add Female 3

Is this possible or will level 3 replace the level 4 access?

Or how should I manage that?

Thanks in advance for any help

hello Andre,

you can check "/cs help flags", but it makes no sense what you are asking.. :D
halfop is halfop, it's above voice. so no need to give voice to a person who has halfop.. makes no sense. :D


yes we use voice for another reason also

It is to Identify female nicks with + in front of their nick in the nicklist

 My bot also reply differently to certain commands  that differentiate between male and female

on *:TEXT:!gift*:#: {
  if ($2 isvoice $chan) && ($2 ison $chan) msg $chan $read(Docs\giftfm.txt)
  else if ($2 ison $chan) msg $chan $read(Docs\giftm.txt)
  else msg $chan  $2 is not in the channel

Yes stupid idea maybe

hehe. so long equality :D
but i understand your reasons btw..
make your bot give voice to females then. on join for example. :) so they would get their halfop from chanserv, but voice from the bot. (if flags wont work, and i doubt it will.. cuz halfop > voice.) :)
but with your bot, you can give voice then too.

You can't use halfop and voice, because if a halfop is voiced, you'll only see his halfop status.

As you know who are your team members, add them in an userlist of your "bot" (sorry, but a mIRC script is not really a bot) and check if the target of the gift is in this list.
And more, use a real bot (as windrop/eggdrop) which allows you to add infos to an user


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