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Dear Helpers,

Could you please tell me why my anope services doesnt send email ?
I already uncommented out these :


SendMailPath "/usr/sbin/sendmail -t"


--- Quote ---
-NickServ- A passcode has been sent to, please type /msg NickServ confirm <passcode> to complete registration

--- End quote ---

But the email has never arrived.

Thank you so much in advance

Jan Milants:
have you got sendmail installed ? and if yes, did you verify /usr/sbin/sendmail is the correct path to sendmail. If you use a shell hosting company, you may need need to ask your hosting provider.

Hi Viper,

Thank you so much for your reply.

No i dont have " sendmail " installed  , where can i download it from? please tell me.

Does it come with shell acount "sendmail" ??

Thank you so much in advance

[Edited on 15-2-2007 by OpEn]

i dont think shell accounts have one. may be go on there chat, and ask them, tell them Bigben send u.

Thanks BigBen

But i already got a shell acount, now just want to know where to download the "sendmail"  or how  to make my anope services send emails .

Thank you in advance for anyone could help.


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