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Anope problem

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Hi Lord235,

I removed the +o mode and now the /whois NickServ is the same than yours

* [NickServ] ( Nickname Registration Service
* [NickServ] is using modes +ioqS
* [NickServ] is connecting from *
* [NickServ] !@#services
* [NickServ] :Services du réseau
* [NickServ] is an IRC Operator
* [NickServ] is a Network Service
* [NickServ] Fin de la liste WHOIS.

But the problem is the same, any command tried, always the same message "Unknow command" for any service of Anope, it's really strange

can you pastebin and share the link of your nickserv.conf ?

Hi Lord235,

My nickserv.conf :

Best regards

hehe. i expected problems here, but can't see any. :(

can you please do a
 /msg OperServ modinfo ns_register


for that you need to be opered up via anope too. (having services root rights)

i have never run into such problem so i'm trying to debug.. :\

Hi Lord235,

Here is the message from /msg OperServ modinfo ns_register

>OperServ< modinfo ns_register
-OperServ- Password authentication required for that command.

Thanks for your help


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