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yea. well. i told you that you need services root for that. :)
anyway.. without more info i have no clue about this prob. :\
lets see if someone else have any idea or run into this prob.

The Myth Lives:

--- Code: ----OperServ- Password authentication required for that command.
--- End code ---
This means you're not identified to services though or an OperServ password is set, don't remember exactly, but I believe that's the former.

The below only applies if you're using UnrealIRCd (I don't know the other IRCds syntax).

For what I can see, services seems to be U-Lined properly, but I'd double check if you have something like:

--- Code: ---ulines {
--- End code ---

This is kinda puzzling me because the /nickserv help register should have still outputted the help on how to register a nickname.

Do you also have the following on your unrealircd.conf:

--- Code: ---include "aliases/anope.conf";
--- End code ---

Also check this setting:


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