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Goodmorning everyone.
Sorry for the question.
There is the possibility of being able to load or convert a .c module into the recent .cpp.?
I would like to use the old os_staychan.c module as it is no longer possible to install Unreal3.2.7.
Thanks to those who will answer and sorry for my bad english ::) ::) ::)

first of all, are we talking about a module for anope, or for ircd?

asking because of "as it is no longer possible to install Unreal3.2.7."

secondly, unreal 3.* is outdated, there is no support for that.

i am not familiar with os_staychan.c; didn't even find it on the modules page.
based on it's name, i could guess, but i really don't want to, so could you please describe what it does?
perhaps there are already such features in the latest version of anope / unreal.

Hi Lord255 and thanks for the reply.
The module for anope "os_staychan.c" allowed to PERMANENTLY insert a static bot within a channel while maintaining its channel settings and making it appear in the channel list. If you need to view it, I still have it and changing the name I created some. Thank you, see you soon.
P.S. It was a module for anope.

thanks for the details. :)

for such things, ircd's having the channel mode +P and anope has BotServ - which trough you can assign different bots to the channels. :)
so no need for the extra module, everything is built in what you looking for in the new and stable versions. :)

Remember that you can create bots and assign them with the botserv assign command but the bot enters the channel when there is at least one user.
That type of module inserted it statically even with 0 users. ;D


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