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Hello everyone,
i install this module on my network but i don't understand were i must write this configuring DNSBlacklists "" and DNSBanTime, the time to place bans for, which defaults to 4 hours?
Because when i write in services.conf don't work.


look for:

 * m_dnsbl
 * Allows configurable DNS blacklists to check connecting users against. If a user
 * is found on the blacklist they will be immediately banned. This is a crucial module
 * to prevent bot attacks.

i don't see this file, where is it?

Stefan Andersson:

--- Quote from: Caesar on March 06, 2017, 05:09:44 PM ---Hello,
i don't see this file, where is it?

--- End quote ---

You should look for directory named "conf" :)

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