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Not working Quite right....


Hey all, I see that nobody really post's to much on here about problems.. SO I will start! lol I have Denora running sql and phpdenora... it works great for the most part. Here are the problems I have.
1: It does not give me a good list of current Opers under the Network Tab. It just lists me most of the time, sometimes it list everyone, sometimes not.
2: Under Network Stats it only lists the number of channels, max count, the date is like 1969 Dec 31... no clue why that happens. The rest of the list is blank.
3: Under the server list, the max connected is a lie, it says 103 users on one of my servers and the connection count on the rest is off. My network is brand new so I know this is not a true number...

That's about it as far as I can tell. You can see it at

Are you running the latest version of denora?
Try running the ./mydbgen utility and restart denora afterwards...


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