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Hi.  I have been working on an IRC Services database conversion tool lately.  It's at the point where it needs more testing on more platforms with more data.

Currently it only converts NickServ, MemoServ, and ChanServ data.  I've personally tested it with IRC Services 5.0 and 5.1 data, but it should work back to 4.5 too.  It's developed and tested on FreeBSD only, so please report portability issues here.

Usage output:

--- Code: ---usage: is2an -r <directory> [-w <directory>] [-t <src>[:<dst>]] [-hv]
 -r <directory>   - Set the IRC Services database directory for reading.
 -w <directory>   - Set the Anope database directory for writing.
 -t <src>[:<dst>] - Set which IRCD you use - default=0 (needed for converting
                    ChanServ MLOCK data):
                      0 = RFC1459, DALnet, TS8 (basic modes only, ie. +ntispkl)
                      1 = Unreal  2 = Bahamut  3 = PTLink  4 = Dreamforge
                      5 = Hybrid  6 = TR-IRCD
 -v               - Increase verbosity
 -h               - This help message.

--- End code ---

For example:

--- Code: ---is2an -r ~/ircservices/lib -w ~/anope/lib -t 1

--- End code ---

It does not overwrite any data - you must ensure your Anope database directory does not contain nick.db or chan.db files when you run is2an.

For IRC Services 5.1: Your database must be in "version4" format.  The new "standard" format introduced in 5.1 is not supported.  See here for information on converting between IRC Services formats.

Tarball attached.  Extract and run make to compile is2an.

Charles Kingsley:

Looks brilliant ! :)

What are you seeing that says no file uploads and I'll have a look :)

Hey Charles,

When I try, the forum comes back complaining that the temp directory is unwriteable.

Charles Kingsley:
Should be fixed now.

Thanks!  It's working.  I've edited my original post.


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