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Linking: Unreal and Anope

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Appearently there is alot of confusion when it comes to linking Unreal and Anope together. Suprisingly this is a very simple task.

What's required to follow this "tutorial" if you will is a bit of knowledge that you as a Server Admin should already have:

1> basic understanding of editing files in your OS.
2> basic understanding of how to start applications in your OS.
3> knowledge of /squit and /connect (stuff you should have learned on your first day as an IRCop, but another story :))
4> In depth knowledge of IRC and how it works is recommended.
5> the patience required to actually read this.

ok, lets begin by understanding that Anope is connected to the network as a trusted connection as is any other ircd. Where Services is different is it has some "super powers", these special permissions are granted via ulines. ulines are case sensitive and must exist on every server BEFORE services connects! This is very important. If I have already confused you, stop reading and consult your IRCd documentation of ulines, aka U:Lines aka ulines block, super block or trusted block.

So we can see the relationship between the components better I have elected to color code each requirement so that you can see how everything matches up.

Now down to business:

1> services is going to be named
2> our ircd is unreal-3.2
3> our services IP is
4> our server IP is
5> our port is 7070 { any unused port between 1025 and 65535 may be used for linking services. }
6> our numeric is 250 - This MUST be different to the other servers on the network!!!!!
7> our password is the word 'password' (without the quotes)



      username *;
      bind-ip *;
      hub *;
      port 7070;
      password-connect "password";
      password-receive "password";
      class servers;

ulines {; };

set { services-server ""; };

include "aliases/anope.conf";


IRCDModule "unreal32"
Numeric 250

RemoteServer 7070 "password"

ServerName ""


There are alot more options listed in both the unrealircd.conf and services.conf so don't think that this is all that you have to do. It isn't .. it's just what you need to link anope and unreal. This mini-tutorial also does not cover other items needed to start services, our goal here was to link to Unreal.

[Edited on 28-7-2007 by katsklaw]

[Edited on 28-7-2007 by katsklaw]

Just one addition that I always use:


I would make this port serversonly:

listen {
  options {

Listen block options are not required to make the link successful and this tutorial is designed to be as simple as possible, thus why I omitted listen block as well as countless other options.

Additionally, client only or server only ports are rather moot since almost all networks use obscure ports for servers and leave all the common client ports for clients. Also there is no advantage of labeling ports for client use only or servers only, you gain no physical advantage what so ever.

i dont really understand why there's a difference between the server ip and the services ip.
i installed unrealircd and anope on my root server. so is the server ip "localhost" or the domain ( and what is the services ip? cause i installed unrealircd and anope on the same machine!

hope you can help me out,
thanks in advance, blind4x

It's always best to use IP's rather than hostnames (with the exceptions of localhost and for dynamic IP users..)

If your IRCd is listening on or *, you can connect services to localhost/ If your IRCd is only listening on a non-localhost IP (192.168.*.*, or a non-local-network IP, eg 64.233.169.x) then tell services to connect to that IP.


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