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mike golmez:
Hello Friends;

I'm having a problem with services not protecting registered nick.

Example: If I log on with some one else's Registered nick I get the warning. ( This Nick is Registered and protected, If its yours then type /msg nickserv identify password, if its not yours then change the nick..

But It won't change the nick to Guest or wont do any thing. Even If I stay with the same nick for hours.

I double checked the directives in nickserv.conf they seems to set correctly. The directives given bellow.

* If set, is the length of time NickServ's killquick and kill options wait before
    * forcing users off of protected nicknames.
   killquick = 20s
   kill = 30s
What I'm missing. Is there any module need to be loaded. But No Error Services running fine..

Please help me to fix this, Its bad, The abuser can log on with any registered nick and start abusing..

Please help and Guide.

I would highly appreciate your help.



this is for all newly registered nicks.
for all the nicks which have been registered before the change, you have to set them manually. or the users themselves.

mike golmez:
Thank you so much for your response and help.

Yes, It did work. Your help is much appreciated.

Thanks Friend.

I have a question if you don't mind please, how to log on as Invisible user? example: /usermode +i , so it won't show up in user list. I tired that but didn't work. I'm newbie Owner of the Chat room and I'm trying hard to learn.

I would highly appreciate your help.

Thanks again

mike golmez:
I even tried /mode Nick +i   Noting worked.


you are welcome.

about the "invisibility" - not real related to services, however read about +i here:
it means, that i'm not sure what kind of list you did not want to appear, but in the channel's users list you will be there. you cannot be invisible on irc like what you can do for example in steam ( )


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