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Anope-2.0.9 Fantasy Commands not working. Please help


Hello Friends;
Fantasy is set on , Fantasy is enabled in botserv and yet , fantasy commands are not working. Example, If I want to voice or kick a user name tester, I have to type the full command instead of !v nick  or !k nick , This not working. /cs kick #chanel nick , this workks. Do I need to create short alias commands? Plus bot is not acting upon commands, Chanserv is doing the job.

And I can't assign the bot to a channel. /msg botserv assign #channel bot Ghost, I get there is no bot Ghost.

Must be some configuration problem.

Please help.


You need to create the bot first, than assign it to a channel, and the command is: /botserv assign channel nick
Make sure to try /botserv help or help set in the future, it will help finding the proper command.

It does seem like there is configuration problem, so you need to read while configuring.

also perhaps  take a look at:


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