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in your ircd.conf you should add something like this... this is for my unrealircd.conf

Im not sure how to get to join this if idle... but it will auto join on connect... may still be usefull

--- Code: ---set {
kline-address "";
modes-on-connect "+ixw";
modes-on-oper "+xwgs";
auto-join "#IDLE";
dns {
timeout 2s;
retries 2;
--- End code ---

he said they are on his server after he shut down wars..  

if you want to get rid of them let me know i can try to help.


--- Quote ---Originally posted by k4be
there are a lot of warez bots on the network, but warez chan was closed 3 months ago...
--- End quote ---

It sounds to me as if you're looking for a way to get  channels of your network. I wouldn't start trying to get idle people to forcibly join some channel, that is very likely to just scare them off.

Instead, why not look at trying to block the use of these channels?  On Anope you have options like "suspend" and "forbid" in chanserv, most ircd's will also support blocking certain channels.  Personally I prefer adding the channels which really violate network policy in a common (shared) config file so that no matter what people will always be unable to create these channels. This will also save you "kick fest overhead" whenever your services get disabled for whatever reason (and will also stop kiddies who may try to attack your services in order to get these channels working, even though this is very unlikely to happen on smaller networks).


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