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Hi everyone, i live in cuba and i have already installed in my computer (I study in college) unreal and anope, Unreal3.2.4, and Anope-1.7.13, evrything its ok, but i dont know how to set anope as a windows service, i mean, that if for some reason someone restart the computer, i want that anope runs automatically with windows, as a service, i use windows 2003 advanced server. I can set it for that runs everytime a user log on session, but if for some reson im not here, and the machine restart, and no one log on, please, i really need help, waiting for u, and thanks,


try this:

That way didnt work, i have firedaemon installed, thats a good program, but there is something wrong, but i cant believe that anope cant be a windows service, how could be that possible, well, thanks anyway, if anyone else have a solution, please,  tell me.


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One possible problem could be that Unreal must be up, ready, and accepting connections when Anope runs, otherwise Anope will quit. (i have suggested in the past that Anope sit quietly and try every few moments). If this problem isn't the case then I'm not sure what else could be wrong.


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