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I have it as plain text, it looks like, as per set in the config file line

MySQLSecure ""

yet when I view it in phpmyadmin, it comes up as tinyblob. Now, as alot have found out php doesn't read from them very good and after some further viewing it looks like the passwords are stored via binary, instead of plain text. Any way to simulate or modify this ?

Pieter Bootsma:
Do you have MD5 enabled in ./Config ?

No, I figured it out. Inside sql it shows up as a tinyblob, but I ran a php script to test if you could read it or not and it comes out fine. Also, does one md5 hash it the same as another md5? Meaning if I md5 hash it from php and anope md5's it, will it be the same hash?

Pieter Bootsma:
Anope's MD5 hash is not really MD5, so it won't match php's MD5 hash.


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