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Hello there. I am using mysql support for anope, and I am designing my network's website around the sql database. I was wondering how the passwords are stored in the database. I mean, I can see that they are a large blob, but are they encrypted in any special way, or what not?

I am going to make a portal so users can log into the main site via their nickname and password, and can navigate on the forums etc using that nickname, but after viewing the database for anope it appears that it's encrypted some way.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Trystan Scott Lee:
depends on your setup

1. It can be md5 anope encrypted this is a one way hash
2. It can be encrypted per the settings in the config file
3. if none of the above its just plain old text

I was actually working on a similiar project (intergrating database access into a pre-existing CMS). My short coming so far is being able to tell a users status as this is one of the key things I want to be able to display...

Could anyone offer more insight into the workings of the core ns table?

Wow, yes, actually this sounds very interesting. I was having a similar wish a while ago. I'd like to be able to have a user register on a CMS and also populate that registration to my NickServ DB.

well from the progress that I have made on mine, it's not hard at all, you just write to the nickserv database, so long as you are saving in plain text and not a hash that php can't copy.. if you guys are interested, you can im me on aim at imanitemare2u and i can help you guys out


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