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howto change symbols from ~ & to ! *

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Hey out there

First sorry for my English, my native toungh is Danish..

I have a little problem with status symbols.. i like to change ~ & to ! *

I run unreal3.2.7 with Anope1.6.5.

It worked just fine with unreal3.2.3, but cant get it to go now, after upgrade of unreal.

Hope that someone can point my in the right direction.

Cheers and keep up the god work your all doing.


Trystan Scott Lee:
This is an ircd question, has nothing to do with services

Not to mention using * in nick prefix is a bad idea, especially when you consider extended ban type ~c:[<prefix>]<channelmask>

If you used ~c:*#blah, does it mean channels ending in "#blah" (which is possible), or does it meant users in channel #blah, with * or above?

Thx for your answer though, not pointing in any directions.

Only that is is a ircd question.. ill ./Config ircd the same way a before.

and i cant see the problem about ~& in ban type, im Admin ??

thx again, and merry christmas..


The IRCd decides how the users are prefixed, not Anope. In fact, it cannot even influence it.


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