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Crontab Error

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I set up crontab to check services every 5 minutes. Every 5 minutes, I get this server notice:

*** Notice -- Link [<host>@<ip>] cancelled, server services.<host>.com already exists from services.<host>.com

It seems that the crontab script not only checks services running, but it initiates a link, whether the link exists or not. I'd rather not disable my snomasks, so is there any way to stop crontab from initiating a link if one exists? I also apologize if there's a similar thread, because I couldn't find one. Thank you.

That usually happens when someone or something deletes the .pid file containing Anope's process ID.

To rectify, you have 2 options:
1) shut down Anope then start it from the shell manually again
2) use "ps ux" to find Anope's process ID then type "echo <pid> >" (where <pid> is the process ID) in the services directory.

Neither worked. Shutdown services and restarted it manually. No dice. Did the echo thing. Even verified there was a file in the services directory. Still happened. I used top in my ssh client and watched crontab start up a second services process, then it went away when the connection refused. I'm gonna try shutting down services and let crontab start them, then see if it starts them again.

A file existing won't matter unless it contains the correct process ID.

At this point I would suggest trying UnrealIRCd's crontab .chk script (modified to work with Anope of course) and see if you have any luck with that.

Okay, I modified the UnrealIRCd chk file and saved it as services.chk in the services directory, replacing the old one. I restarted services to make sure the pid file is fresh. Didn't work.


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