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A few questions.



I have a few questions.

1). In NickServ, how do I make it so if they don't identify within a minute, it changes their nick?

2). When identified, how do I make it so it updates them. So, for example, when they identify, they get power (+o etc) in channels they have it in. And don't manually have to do it.

3). If the same person changes their nick, and then changes it back, how do I make it so they don't have to identify again?


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1> as a services admin, enable NSDefKill. Please understand though that this is an indidual user settings and there is no way for you to force everyone to identify all the time without a module.

2> enable NSModeOnID in services.conf

3> in 1.7 this is handled by NSNickTracking in services.conf. I'm not usre if that option is available in 1.6


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