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Program too big to fit in memory

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Excerpt from Cmd Prompt:


Microsoft Winows [Version 6.0.*****] (Shouldn't need that)
Copyright (c) 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

C:\users\Cory\>cd C:\users\Cory\Desktop\Anope1\anope-1.6.5

Program too big to fit in memory


And I'm pretty sure my computer can handle it, and I have no clue why it's saying that.

OS:Windows Vista
Hard Drive:640gb
CPU:(Not sure, if you need it, tell me how to find it, and i will post it.)

Please give thorough answers.

Jan Milants:
where did you get 1.6.5 for windows  ???
the 1.6 branch doesn't support windows unless i missed something...

Anope 1.6.5 DOES NOT support windows, and would require extensive modification to even be compilable on windows. For that reason alone this means you are using a modified version of Anope and thus do NOT get support for it.

Do you know where i could get a version compatible with windows? (I looked in the Doc file and found a link, but it didn't work for me)

1.7.22 is compatible with windows.


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