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How do you properly reconfigure 1.6 to switch nickserv to non encrypted


I need to reconfigure anope 1.6 to stop encryption of the nickserv passwords.

I tried using make clean and then doing another ./configure but it stays encrypted.

Is there something I have to do other than what I've stated above in order to remove this encryption of the database?  I'm configured to use mysql if that makes any difference.

Any and all help would be appreciated.

Since the encryption is one way, there is no way to remove encryption from the database. You are stuck with it unless you want to start with a new database:

From the configure:
Selecting "yes" protects your passwords from being stolen if someone
gains access to the Services databases, but makes it impossible to recover
forgotten passwords. There is no way to reverse this operation, so make
sure you really want to enable it.

I know you can't recover passwords from the database once it's been compiled that way, that's not what I'm asking.

So you are basically saying that I will have to ditch the entire setup that I have and recompile everything from scratch in order to change the setup to NOT use encryption?

That seems pretty lame to me since the owner of the services should be able to just recompile and have it change whatever they want, when they want to and not have to monkey around with removing the entire setup.

Dave Robson:
All you will need to do is recompile, and then delete the old db's (since without encryption you cant read them) - the config etc is all fine how it is.

--- Code: ---
make distclean
make install

--- End code ---

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Perfect!  Thank You Rob!


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