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Need a little push in the right direction


I have installed my ircd (Unreal3.2.4) and have everything set up in unrealircd.conf except for the services, and i have anope installed but having a little trouble with editing the services.conf and unrealircd.conf to link both services together.

Does anyone know where in the docs i can get a little information to get this right ?

Thank You

(not asking for help, just a little push in the right direction... ect where in the docs to look)

did you set your ulines

and here is the code to link services on unreal

--- Quote ---
link {
   username *;
   bind-ip *;
   port 7029;
   hub *;
   password-connect "LiNk";
   password-receive "LiNk";
   class servers;
   options {

--- End quote ---

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Yes, took me a while to get this right, all working now... thanks

Any time :)


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