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Too many process on mysql for Denora and magIRC



I use the latest version of Denora and MagIRC with an old db.
Last week I detected a lot of mysql error on my website, I think I find the origin today when I listed all the running process on mysql :
To be sure, the extract above (90 process!) was made just 1h and 15min after I launched Denora, and it keeps getting bigger and bigger.

The funny think is that this problem doesn't occur when denora is running alone -without magIRC-, in these case, I have only 1 sleep process from Stats.
Is it a know bug/mysterious feature ? How could I correct it (I have temporarily closed magIRC) ?

Auto-reply / workaround :
In the file "lib/magirc/DB.class.php", I comment the following line (46) :

--- Code: ---$args[PDO::ATTR_PERSISTENT] = true;
--- End code ---

And now it runs smoothly ..

Interesting... afaik persistent connections are supposed to be better for high load scenarios in that the server does not need to open and close connections all the time...
Will investigate this and maybe deactivate that feature.


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