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Fantasy Commands

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Jan Milants:
it works fine for me.. have you tried running denora in debug and checking if anything interesting is being logged?

Did you enable FANTASY for the channel?
Example: /msg StatServ CHANSTATS SET #channel FANTASY ON


I have the same problem on a fresh install of denora.
The fantasy is On, the bot answers to "!help" and "!seen" (from the module), and that's all. Nothing when I try !top !top10 !gtop !stats etc.

Extract from the conf file :

--- Code: ---options {
    // optional tokens
    keeplogs     7;
    logchan      "#SomePrivateChan";
    chanstatsdef "notice";
    smiley " :) ;) :-) ;-) ^_^ :-D :D :-P :P =) ;D :p ";
    trigger "!";
    jupemaster "XYZ";
--- End code ---

I what I received something on the log file :

--- Code: ---[Apr 07 17:23:06 2013] MySQL Commands out of sync error: Commands out of sync; you can't run this command now : Success
--- End code ---

Mysql is on the same server, no load at all. I try to run a debug version of stats, it just doesn't seem to understand / see the fantasy command at all ...

Any idea ?

Auto reply .. I recompiled the source code, and it works.
I still have no idea why :)

wicked :)


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