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Pieter Bootsma:
It has to check all nicks to see if they have to expire. I'm not sure how many nicks you have, but with a 4.7 MB nick.db file it's only a few nicks. If it is a tad slow every 30 minutes i don't forsee huge problems tho, unless it actually hangs for a minute.

ok i never had that problem :)

According to anope_ns_alias, we have 26742 nicks.

It hangs more than 120 secondes.
I had to extend the ping timeout to 180 sec on Unreal, to prevent the services disconnect. ;(

Dave Robson:
Ah i should have guessed you were using mysql - it will cause lag issues on update/expire/just about anything - im assuming its a localhost mysql connection?

Yes it's a local mysql. Everything is on the same host.
Do you think it's due to the whole sql db updated every 30 min ?
I will tune the config a bit.


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