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Hi everybody,

I have my services slowing down, and I think it's due to the nick.db which is 4.7 Mb sized.

Are there any tools to rebuild or unfragment .db, or purge unused nicks ?

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Yes you have to open up the services config and set the nicks to expire after like 20 days or something if not used.. just like the channel.

Dave Robson:
a 4.7 meg nick.db really shouldnt be slowing services down much at all... assuming you dont have a redicuously short UpdateTimeout setting.

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I have 90 days nicks expiration and

UpdateTimeout   30m

ExpireTimeout   30m

ReadTimeout 5s

It doesn't get slow all the time, it seems it is when expired nicks are deleted.
I got to check this anyway.

What do you mean when there being del? it slows down?


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