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Author Topic: [READ!!] DO THIS BEFORE ASKING FOR HELP! [READ!!]  (Read 5503 times)

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« on: January 27, 2008, 01:22:02 PM »

Things you can do before asking questions on ANY forum, especially this one.


Sorry for shouting but no one ever does this. Then when we tell them they say "sorry, I'm now to irc|anope|insert some other lame excuse".

Being new doesn't mean you're stupid, idiotic or can't read. It just means you just started using a product. All the resources available to experts are available to newbies too. Written in the same language. So being new is no excuse for not reading documentation.

With IRC Administration, Net Admins, which it seems everyone wants to be anymore, requires ALOT of reading, so if you can't bring yourself to read a few small docs, then you are already in trouble. I've personally been on IRC for 13 years and long ago lost count of the number of protocols, manual, readme's and other resources that I've read.

2> Searching. The word search is spelled the same for newbies as it is experts. For your benefit this forum comes with a search feature, use it! use it! use it! I can't say that enough. In my opinion nothing is more embarrassing than asking a question that has been answered a bgillion zillion times already and I asked anyway because I was lazy and didn't search first.

99% of users questions are already answered in this forum or in the supplied docs (See #1 above).

3> Google is your friend. This site is read by all sorts of indexing bots, so if you didn't find it in the forum search, try google. You might be surprised at what you find.

4> If you are asking about a specific command, ask Services first. Anope comes with a complete built-in help system that has  the answers to command related questions. All you need to do is type: /msg bots-nick help and start reading (yes, theres that word again "read").

Following these simple 4 steps will make the helpers seem less irritated at you because they are answering the same question yet again (See #1 and #2 and #3 above). It will make you better equiped for when you DO have a question that hasn't been answered as well as you becoming self reliant and last but not least you won't seem like an idiot because you didn't ask the question that has been answered already. So avoid being sent to and do some research.

The funny thing is these steps can apply to anything, not just Anope. If you buy a new TV, it comes with a manual. It likely comes from a company with a website and Id wager that someone else has bought it too and google can find it!

In closing, just because you are new, doesn't mean that a human must answer your questions. Nor does it mean that you can't read or are an idiot. It's when you DON'T read and do research first that you look like an idiot and at that point it time it doesn't matter if you are new or not.

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