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Title: [README!!] User List Pruned!! [README!!]
Post by: katsklaw on August 24, 2008, 02:51:59 PM
Our forum userlist was massively pruned today. A few thousand users were deleted.

Who this affects?

+Anyone that has signed up but has never logged in and has 0 posts. Since we switched to SMF, those that show "never" as the last log-in existed before the switch.
+Users with 0 posts that last signed in more than 600 days ago.

Who is NOT affected?

+Anyone with 1 or more posts regardless of last activity.
+Anyone that has signed up AFTER the switch to SMF
+Users that have 0 posts and signed in less than 600 days ago.

Anyone caught in this pruning session, we sincerly apologize and are welcome to sign-up again. This time even if you don't wish to post, your sign-up date will be your last login date and you will be immune to any further pruning until you meet other criteria, such as more than 600 days of inactivity.