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sendmailpath = "/usr/sbin/sendmail -t".

Was muss da bei der Windows Version hin?

Muss da anopesmtp.exe hin und wie genau muss das angegeben werden?

based on other topics on the forum (like,
the solution is what you almost figured out.
seems it needs the ip of the server as well (the ip address of the smtp server!)

SendMailPath "anopesmtp"
or maybe you need .exe there too. idk.
( i googled. :) )

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in case you need this in german, i can use google translate.

Genau das habe ich "getestet" und es funktionierte nicht.
Muss eventuell anopesmtp vorher ausgeführt werden?

Es funktioniert sowohl bei Linux als auch bei Windows nicht..

"Es funktioniert sowohl bei Linux als auch bei Windows nicht.."

if google translate works fine: what? you tried anopesmtp under linux? :o why? on linux sendmail is perfect.
i presume anopesmtp(.exe) is for windows. because windows does not come with sendmail. :)
i dont know if you understood well what i wrote, but do you have an smtp server and so did you wrote it's ip behind "anopesmtp(.exe)" ?

anopesmtp needs a paramter, which is the smtp server's ip address.


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