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Author Topic: [Feature]: OPNotice when Adding or Deleting someone from the access list  (Read 5454 times)

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It will be very usefull to add something like this when the OPNotice option is on into the channel options.

[17:34:36] -ChanServ:@#test- Access DEL command used for testuser1 in #test by westor
[17:35:22] -ChanServ:@#test- westor modified channel #test adding testuser with level 9000
[17:36:15] -ChanServ:@#test- testuser added to #test access list with level 1000 by westor

- Thanks!  ::)


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there is a module for chanserv that tells the "user" that they have been given access at x level which is  cs_access_notice ( )
as to if it could be modded for op notice ... thats a different story.

hopefully that will give a bit of a hand


Jens Voss

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This feature is already implemented in Anope 1.9.6

Syntax: log channel
            log channel command method [status]

 The log command allows users to configure logging settings
 for their channel. If no parameters are given this command
 lists the current logging methods in place for this channel.

 Otherwise, command must be a command name, and method
 is one of the following logging methods:

  MESSAGE [status], NOTICE [status], MEMO

 Which are used to message, notice, and memo the channel respectively.
 With MESSAGE or NOTICE you must have a service bot assigned to and joined
 to your channel. Status may be a channel status such as @ or +.

 To remove a logging method use the same syntax as you would to add it.

  log #anope chanserv/access MESSAGE @
  Would message any channel operators whenever someone used the
  ACCESS command on ChanServ on the channel.
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