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Author Topic: loads of requests...  (Read 4543 times)

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loads of requests...
« on: January 17, 2009, 10:10:32 AM »

As it would take me awhile to look in forums for which ones are already in the roadmap, I'll just post the ones i haven't seen in requests or the roadmap yet... and a reason for why to add to the core

ircd_init - Most people love the bots in the services channel and then you dont have to /os set logchan on
ircd_vhostserv - Easier for newcomers to get a vhost
cs_sync - obvious... update all channel modes without doing them all by hand
cs_statusupdate - obvious again... i hate giving modes after adding or saying hey /hop or hey ! /ns update
cs_akick_founder - That is a must if not already in effect. Even if they are only playing no one should be able to do that.
cs_autovoice - Just a nifty one i think
cs_migrate - Don't want this as much but meh if you feel like coding!
ns_noticeunregister - I don't know how much i want this one but i use it :\
ns_joinhelpchan - Obvious...
ns_sagroup - meh i use this one too...
ms_chanowner - If any new rules are set then easiest way to let all channel owners know
m_connect_flood - Obvious...
os_amode - any number of reasons for this.
os_forceid - Helps in some cases
os_modreload - Very needed
os_tssync - Helps syncs all servers :D
os_notinchanlist - Pretty helpful when looking for botnets
bs_uptime - again its helpful!!
bs_seen - Nifty as hell
bs_autoassign - also nifty as hell

If any of these are already in the roadmap sorry i apologize, but i dont think i saw any of them thank you and have a good day!

Trystan Scott Lee

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Re: loads of requests...
« Reply #1 on: January 17, 2009, 12:41:18 PM »

while I am all for putting some of the more popular stuff in the standard distro, the problem really is at that point the dev
team is compelled to keep them updated. As time goes by and as happened with many SGR mods left in the core the dev
team had to adopt them and now must maintain them. This adds more time to getting stuff to release.
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