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Author Topic: Anope DCC Chat  (Read 6037 times)

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Anope DCC Chat
« on: December 09, 2006, 03:13:08 AM »


I have seen this feature in Collaborated IRC Services, better known as OperServ2 (now dead) where opers/admins can join a partyline (same as in eggdrops) and issue oper commands via DCC aswell as via IRC. This would be a handy feature for network staff.

Implementing this feature would improve security against the current "logchan" option by making it not specify a channel but allowing it to report the messages in DCC where only opers/admins have access to and can see the messages. This would elimate the deal of having a channel and setting it up against non-opers joining.

Aslo opers/admins can see the report messages even if services are on the other side of a netsplit and if they need to perform a oper command they can via DCC - even if they get disconnected from the server for one reason or another, they are still connected to the services DCC. This would not be possible for the current "logchan" setup.



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(No subject)
« Reply #1 on: December 09, 2006, 07:39:50 AM »

1> having to join a channel is the same as having to join a partyline to see services logging.
2> All ircd's provide tools that can be used to keep non-opered user out of channels and any semi-skilled ChanOp can use them, they are called "channel modes". On some ircd's chanmode +A/O and on others chamode +is or +p and make opers invite themselves via chanserv. ;)
3> Since services can still only be on one side of the split, you either a) see reports that will log to LogChan anyway or b) see reports about events that you can't do anything about because your not on that side of the split.

Please give an example of a message that is reported to LogChan that you can use existing commands found in Anope to affect a netsplit in which Services is present and you are not.

I CAN see 1 benefit and that is, this can be useful for opers to talk to each other across a split in hopes that the split can be fixed faster. I do not see this benefit to be worthy enough to justify the coding it would take to implement. It would be far easier to set up an eggdrop and grant standard flag based access to opers/staff and place the eggdrop in LogChan and have it echo back to the eggdrops partyline. At least then the eggdrop could be opered and issue standard IRCop commands that are not found in Anope.

In many ways running a seperate bot, such as an eggdrop would prove more beneficial than including this into services if for no other than resource consumption.
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