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Problem with notidications


He there,

I have annoyances with anope, despite /memoserv set notify on, the notifications of messages received work in real time, and also when returning from /away, but not when you arrive on the chat. Would you have an idea?

Thank you !

notifications come when you identify yourself, not when you connect to the server.

Thank you very much for answering me.

So identifying with the Kiwirc interface it is normal that it doesn't work.

Would the solution be to make a small eggdrop script that does a /msg memoserv read all, for example, each time a person arrives with a registered nickname?

Another solution?

kiwiirc allows to auto-identify by giving the user password. If users don't identify themselves, there is no way to get their memo.
And no, there is no eggdrop solution, unless the eggdrop is in the same group as the user.

After more tries, trouble comes when authenticating with SASL. See


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