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[suggestion] Move feature requests to the bug tracker

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Not sure how many people have an account on unreal's bugtracker, but they have their feature requests there which allows for anyone to chime in, upload patches .. etc. The open ticket can be moved around, for example if the Team likes the feature they can create another ticket for their todo list for a specific release and reassign the feature as a child of the todo list then close the ticket upon completion.

While any solution has it's own pros and cons. IMVHO, Unreal has the right solution. It seems to be rather organized and professional. Since it appears that Anope's bugtracker and forum have the same login there is no need to create yet another account for the user and the current feature request forum can be redirected to the bugtracker.

Charles Kingsley:
Valid point.


Unreal's 3.2.10 TO DO list can be found at: ( no login required) if you need to see what I'm referring to.

Another point is that those that use live bookmarks as I do can instantly see new feature suggestions, changes to the TODO list as well as new bugs before even getting to Mantis.

Jens Voss:
I support katsklaws request.
Lets have all new feature requests in the bugtracker.
So we can see all open requests, discuss it, and close if done or rejected.
And in the bugtracker we can set priorities.

There are many good feature requests in our forums, but I think we already forgot most of them.
At some point our users will cry and say we /ignore them.

as you are running git, stick with trac.
it has a perfect git integration and a ... usable wiki.

also timeline + roadmap things are great.


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