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Segmentation faults

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--- Code: ---[Aug 14 22:35:50.731185 2008] debug: Received: :TRAiNER4 PRIVMSG :update
[Aug 14 22:35:50.733397 2008] debug: Sent: :HostServ NOTICE TRAiNER4 :Your vhost of ^^B is now activated.
[Aug 14 22:35:50.733848 2008] debug: Sent: CHGHOST TRAiNER4
[Aug 14 22:35:50.734372 2008] debug: Sent: :NickServ NOTICE TRAiNER4 :Status updated (memos, vhost, chmodes, flags).
[Aug 14 22:35:50.734874 2008] debug: Sent: :OperServ SVSJOIN TRAiNER4 :#Hypnos,#OSP
[Aug 14 22:35:50.735141 2008] debug: Sent: :NickServ NOTICE TRAiNER4 :Joining your ajoin channels #Hypnos,#OSP
[Aug 14 22:35:50.737591 2008] debug: Received: NOTICE :*** /ChgHost Error: requested host is same as current host.
[Aug 14 22:35:50.737787 2008] unknown message from server ( NOTICE :*** /ChgHost Error: requested host is same as current$
[Aug 14 22:35:51.279417 2008] debug: Received: :CoreDuo PRIVMSG nickserv :identify <password>
[Aug 14 22:35:51.279683 2008] NickServ: Failed IDENTIFY for CoreDuo!
[Aug 14 22:35:51.280318 2008] debug: Sent: :NickServ NOTICE CoreDuo :Password incorrect.
[Aug 14 22:35:51.280935 2008] PANIC! buffer = :CoreDuo PRIVMSG nickserv :identify <password>
[Aug 14 22:35:51.293027 2008] debug: Sent: GLOBOPS :PANIC! buffer = :CoreDuo PRIVMSG nickserv :identify <password>
[Aug 14 22:35:51.293432 2008] Services terminating: Segmentation fault
[Aug 14 22:35:51.303708 2008] debug: Sent: SQUIT :Services terminating: Segmentation fault
--- End code ---

What happens is, anope is started, works fine, but when someone identifies, it segfaults. I have tried recompiling anope, to no avail. It happens whether or not the password is correct.

EDIT: It appears as though Anope 1.6 does not work correctly with GCC 4. I installed GCC 3.4 and everything worked fine.

Jan Milants:
anope 1.6 is near to end-of-life ... i don't think it will be updated to work with newest compilers... heck it doesn't even fully support most current ircd's..  :-\

A new stable version would be nice then ;)

I don't feel entirely comfortable with running the development version on a main network.

Thanks anyway

Changes such as supporting newer compilers are really too big of a change for the stable branch anyway.

There will hopefully be a whole new stable branch soon anyway based off of the 1.7.* branch, which is considered as stable as the 1.6.* branch now anyway even though it's the development branch.

Just a suggestion, but you could have the compile cancel if gcc >3.4. Temporary fix until new stable branch is out :)


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