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gérer les vhosts


je suis nouveau parmi vous sur le forum et sur irc, j'ai un serveur irc unrealircd 6 avec anope 2 je voudrais gérer les commandes des utilisateurs de vhost et moi autant qu'un ircop je reçois pas les notifications pourtant mes fichiers de configuration sont configurés normalement .
2- comment se loger en service root? :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\
merci d'avance ;) ;) ;) ;)

you need to set a log for a chan for example to see the host requests.


--- Code: ---/*
 * when someone execute the following commands, it will be "logged" to the given channel
   bot = "HostServ"
   target = "#chnnelname"
   commands = "hostserv/request hostserv/activate"
--- End code ---

on the how to login to operserv:
/msg operserv login

thank you Lord255  :D :D ;) ;)

The Myth Lives:
- Alternatively you can uncomment the following lines, by removing the # sign:

This way, whenever a user request a vHost all the opers will receive a memo with a text similar to:
[auto memo] vHost The.Mythological.Creature has been requested by PeGaSuS
and the user will also receive a memo when their vHost is accepted or rejected and with the reject reason if one is specified.

Hope this helps too.



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