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Showing Anope services under client stats


For phpDenora 1.4.7 I have an issue, under the "Network" tab in "Client Statistics" (the version and location one) it's showing up Anope (and unknown under the location) under the pie chart, is there any way to remove that at all? I've placed in the main config that StatServ hides the services server but that hasn't changed anything (yes I have setup phpDenora to ignore ulined servers and also to ignore the services.* server but this hasn't changed my issue at all).

I am using the current version of phpDenora and Denora (and if you would like to see the page I am talking about, it's view-able at

Thank you!

This is by design and cannot be changed in phpdenora.
It is planned however to add this feature to magirc.


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