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Denora 2.0


Phill Fernandes:
What is going on with Denora 2.0. It was supposed to be out last month and yet nothing.

Denora is not a commercial project and as such it's released on a schedule reflective of the timetable of the volunteers that maintain it. My suggestion is to patiently wait longer.

It should also be noted that in many many cases, commercial software isn't released on time either.

Jan Milants:
First thing I hear about a denora 2.0.. I thought there d be no more major development on denora itself as it is to be merged/integrated with anope 1.9/2.0.. what Hal is working on though is a major update for phpdenora (magirc)..
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Phill Fernandes:
I really don't see why the two should be merged. Denora is fine alone. It just needs work. Alot of the stuff Hal proposes could be implemented in the current Denora without merging it with Anope. It would make more sense to keep iterating on Denora instead of starting from the beginning and re-building it inside of Anope.

There is no Denora 2.0 planned.
There is however a phpDenora 2.0 planned, and it should be ready for prime time any day now, I'm working hard on it.


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