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Anope 2.0 Support is coming


Just wanted to let you know that MagIRC v0.9.0 is currently being worked on on github.
It includes improved template customization support in that you can now easily define your own Slim routes with your own PHP code and pass stuff on to your templates as you like.
Also, Anope 2.0 support is being built in. Most things work but some are missing and will be added over the next few weeks.
If you want you can try it out and give feedback, but beware this is not quite ready for production yet.

Little addition: the first step will be to replicate the Denora functionality (network info, chanstats) using the Anope chanstats and irc2sql features.
Stuff for NickServ, ChanServ etc. will come at a later time.

Anope support for MagIRC is now ready! :)


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