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Author Topic: Unreal and Anope  (Read 5078 times)

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Unreal and Anope
« on: December 08, 2006, 01:22:48 AM »

I'm trying to use Unreal with Anope services, But i'm getting a Link error.

[Dec 07 19:48:32 2006] Error: Your IRCD's link block may not setup correctly, please check unrealircd.conf


Listen Block
listen         *:6697

listen         *:8067;
listen         *:6667;

Link Block for services
   username   *;
   bind-ip    *;
   port       6667;
   hub             *;
   password-connect "f00Ness";
   password-receive "f00Ness";
   class           servers;

ulines {



RemoteServer Line
RemoteServer 6667 "f00Ness"

ServerName Line
ServerName  ""

BTW - My ip is allways on my router.
otherwise, my dedicated ip is

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(No subject)
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2006, 08:02:37 AM »

Firstly, afaik UnrealIRCd does not have a valid options 'standard' for the LISTEN blocks, you can find more about the valid link blocks by reading this docs or the IRCd docs/manual itself.

Secondly, on your unrealircd link block try using a normal hostname/servername for your services-server or name. example:

 username *;
 port 6667;
 bind-ip *;
 password-connect "f00ness";
 password-receive "f00ness";
 class servers;

Third, your ircd U:Lines ...

ulines {;;

And Lastly, from your services.conf change your ServerName to
ServerName ""

and remember to double check your services-server ""; on your unrealircd SET block.
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