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Saroj Sai:

IRC has been there for years but mIRC usage isn't much nowadays. But the IRC web clients are still keeping up the IRC.

I want the Anope Nickserv's drop (/ns drop nick) have a function with ( /ns drop email ) too.

Something like, /ns drop *@*.* or /ns drop because, I have found the flood with my Anope services with mass registration with same email (with some IRC script). I know the Anope nick registration can be set "none" to "email" or "admin". But I prefer it to "none" because it's easy for newbies and people who are using web based IRC or apps. It's easy and quick without confirmation.

It would be nice if this feature or idea could be implemented.

Saroj Sai

 * ns_maxemail
 * Limits how many times the same email address may be used in Anope
 * to register accounts.

This should help you.

Saroj Sai:
Thank you zemra, This will help me alot.


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