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Title: [request] ultimate seen module
Post by: revolver on December 18, 2006, 06:49:12 PM
Hi there,

i already check at the module site and i've found the bs_seen module . But the botserv only remembered the registered nick only.

Is it possible to have a module so dat the botserv can remembered all the nickname?
what i mean is the nickname dat unregistered and registered.

And the botserv also state their quit message and their changing nicks.

My request seems like eggdrop tcl right? hehe! :o

I hope to hear from u guyz soon!
again and again , i think my english not so good. I hope u guyz understand what i'm try to say.

thanx! :9


/me using unreal3.2.5 and anope-1.7.17
running on win32
/me trying so hard to find suitable module for anope-1.7.17 dat can run on win32. :+

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